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Suzette Parker It's hard to say which was my favorite track! My other favorites are Zossima, Words Won't Do and Marie. Favorite track: Sleep.
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These songs are stories. They are things I've read, things I made up, things I wanted to say. They are songs that move me. I hope we made this record in such a way that these songs might move you too.


released October 6, 2015

William Caleb Parker: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Philip Glenn: Fiddle, Piano, Organ
Kevin Brown: Drums, Percussion
Ben Johnson: Bass
Garrett Hazen: Electric guitar
Produced by Phillip Glenn and William Caleb Parker
Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Hafer at Secret Ninja Studios
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering
Artwork by Austin Ranson


all rights reserved



William Caleb Parker Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Portland
I’m going back home to Portland
I’m going back home to my sweet
I’m going back home to Portland
I’m going back home on my knees

On the road away from Portland
Ambition lit his eyes
But the girl he left was mournin'
He left her as she cried

On the road away from Portland
Reveling in his dreams
Of wealth and life and grandeur
From Portland he was free

He wandered far from Portland
But soon his dreams had paled
He saw his heart was empty
As he lifted up its veil

Looking home to Portland
Longing for his love
He wept and sighed in anguish
He’d been gone long enough

Don’t listen to the papers
Don’t listen to the news
Be sure before you leave her
Your heart is not confused

He found his love in Portland
For her his heart had yearned
He saw she truly loved him
So to her he returned
Track Name: Sleep
I often heard my father say, the best things happen during the day
Past two there’s nothin open but hell, the crack house and taco bell
I took his word till I left home then I set out to prove him wrong
I left my house late Thursday night not to return till Friday’s light

Its one, its two its three its four
And nothin makes sense anymore
Your all alone its so unfair
Its six, it’s seven it is eight
You’re not tired and its so late
You’re all alone its so unfair

I met my friends out on the town, for a couple hours we messed around
At 11 o’ clock they had to leave cause they had work and needed sleep
I started to drinks but quickly found my eyes wanted to close themselves
So I slapped my face and walked outside prepared alone to face the night

At 3am I found a bum who told me he was on the run
In Vegas he had played roulette and got himself deep into debt
He asked me if I had spare cash, he lost it when the market crashed
I called called his bluff and went my way and walked straight into a cafe

Sipping coffee all alone I wished I was alone at home
I asked the waitress “what’s your name”, but all my efforts were in vein
“Read the tag,” she turned and scoffed, I guess she didn’t want to talk
So I got up and wandered on, tired of waiting for the dawn

At six o five I saw the sun and went home cause the night was done
I slept like I was back in school and realized I’d been a fool
I’d done naught but waste my time, and struggle not to close my eyes
My father’s wisdom was a gem I won’t stay out all night again
Track Name: Full Moon Rising
The news came in a package of my grandfathers things
A watch a beat up Bible and some notes of inquiry
He’d left to free the captives through the gospel that he preached
Then he’d died somewhere in Kansas without kin or kind to grieve

The full moon was rising as the sun was going down
And my father prayed for pardon for his soul here on the ground

_to TURN (same as intro)

From Iowa to Kansas, my father and I walked
The food was scarce the road was swamped, with dust and ruts and rocks
My father told me stories, as I walked next to his side
Stories meant for walking, he wouldn’t tell me otherwise

_to CHORUS 1
_to TURN

We finally found the graveyard, down a long forgotten road
The headstones were askew, the crooked graves were overgrown
We tilled the land and straightened the tombs back to their place
Then we left and started walking to our home so far away

The full moon was rising as the sun was going down
And my father prayed for pardon for his soul here on the ground
Wanting one last conversation, with his father in this life
To reconcile his angry words, to set his last words right

And the moon floats up the horizon
And the sun floats down through the sky
And the tombstones stand here beside us
Watching as the stars light up the night
Track Name: Zossima (Paradise)
We are all in Paradise, so do not weep
We are all in Paradise, so do not weep
If we ever change our minds
We would all wake up to find
We are all in Paradise, so do not weep

Am I worthy to be served as you serve me
Am I worthy to be served as you serve me
My beloved, my dear one
Can you see the things I’ve done
Am I worthy to be served as you serve me

Birds of God, you joyful birds forgive me too
Birds of God, you joyful birds forgive me too
For before you I have sinned
It was always my intent
Birds of God, you joyful birds forgive me too

How have I deserved your love, heart of my heart?
How have I deserved your love, heart of my heart?
For I did not recognize
That you love one such as I
How have I deserved your love, heart of my heart

What are months? What are years?
What are days? Can’t one suffice
Do not quarrel. Do not boast
Do not fight. Take no offense
Track Name: Marie
Marie why are you so filthy
How have you torn your clothes
Ran off with the traveling salesman
He left you on the road
With unkempt hair and your body laid
Face down on the floor
The young ones laugh and the women scoff
And your mother joins their song

My heart is filled with pity
My kiss is not for love
To you alone I’m guilty
For I cannot drink your cup

_to TURN (same as intro)

Marie, do you hear them laughing
Do you see them pick up stones
The children came out to mock you
But they thought you were alone
I’ll tell them of your broken heart
I’ll tell them of your pain
And when your story has been told
They’ll see that they’re the same


Marie, the children love you
Marie, they say your name
Marie, they see you dying
Marie, they’ll dress your grave
Marie, how are you guilty
Marie, where is your shame
Marie, why do they scorn you
Marie, what can you say
Track Name: Words Won't Do
I the lonely author of
The words I strive to speak
Hope they might find your ear
And deliver thoughts I think

I hear a voice inside my mind
That begs me not to speak a line
Says you’ll never empathize
But you get me every time

It’s hard to know what best to say
When words won’t hardly do
My stumbling speech and empty phrasing
All makes sense to you
Do you know that when I say I love you
My words are all too true
Aloud they feel awfully empty
But you hear them through and through

A picture I have in my mind
I want for you to see
A canvas dealing with deepest feeling
Just for you and me

Not often do I meet a soul
Who hears and understands
Who can see the well that holds my tears
Who will listen to my plans


When I feel the world has lost its meaning
And I can’t believe a thing I know is true
You softly wake me up out of my dreaming
And you ease my heavy heart with gentle words that soothe my mind and calm my soul

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